Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Guess what came in the mail today?

That's right, 3 Pro Performance shaker cups from GNC. I bought them online about a week ago; they were on sale for $3 a bottle. My old one has a small crack on the lid, so I decided to stock up on a few :)
These things are the most reliable ones out there (genetic bottles, not necessarily from GNC), and they work miracles. Gym rats know this is an essential accessory made for our lifestyle. Just add a scoop of protein, pre workout, or whatever powder you're taking, add water, milk, or juice, finally shake the mofo and you're good to go in a matter of seconds.

I know a lot of yall are pretty jelly right now, but if I see another sale as thus one, I'll make sure to update my blog with it



  1. I actually prefer my ON shaker to the blender bottles because of its massive volume. I still have my blender ball bottle as a backup, with the GNC logo scraped off of it of course.

  2. i used to have like 10 shaker bottles. i recently bought a magic bullet though and i like it a lot more. it's way more convenient

  3. I have 4 shakers.....cant get enough of them.

  4. I love those bottles-they're the best. Those wisk balls really make a difference. You got a pretty good deal on those though! I don't even remember what I paid for mine, but I think it was more than $3! :?

  5. Aww man $3?! Wish I had gotten that sale

  6. nice! i need to buy some new ones cuz mine leak :(

    your friend,